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  • Why should I trade AbbVie shares?

    AbbVie is in the ever-volatile biopharmaceutical sector, which is always presenting good opportunities for traders. Historically the stock tends to trend very strongly, and if traders are able to catch breakout moves as they are starting excellent profits can be had. The stock tends to be particularly sensitive around its earnings release dates, and can react strongly when earnings are either missed or beat. The stock has been consistent in beating earnings projections recently, and is expected to be a strong player in its industry in the upcoming several years.

  • Is AbbVie the best biopharmaceutical stock for traders?

    The biopharmaceutical sector is loaded with companies and stocks that traders can speculate on. Some are obviously better than others, but AbbVie can certainly be considered near the top of the list. It holds the patent on the blockbuster anti-inflammatory Humira, and has recently completed an acquisition of the firm Allergan, which will help to boost and stabilize earnings going forward. In terms of earnings, the company has seen strong results lately, and is consistent in beating analyst expectations, which recommends the stock for trading near earnings releases.

  • What’s the best strategy for trading AbbVie shares?

    Since AbbVie is a highly volatile stock with a tendency to gain very strong momentum once it begins moving in one direction or another, traders are able to use a simple moving average cross strategy to profit from the stock. This works because the stock can often make sudden turns in response to earnings or to milestones in the drug development process. The 200-day moving average is a good trigger to use in this type of trade, buying as price crosses above the level, and selling if price drops below the level.